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Creating a Connection for Customer Loyalty

Tuesday, April 26, 2022
2 min

Creating a connection for customer loyalty

What differentiates one brand from the other, even if they sell the same thing? Why would a person opt for one company, if the other varies even in price? Customer loyalty leads to connecting with the client in their emotions, making them feel valued and listened.

Pay attention to the following marketing strategies and learn how to create lifelong bonds with your customers.


How to create emotional connections and increase customer loyalty?

The success of companies does not depend only on the acquisition of new customers, but also on the ability to retain them. To achieve this goal, customer satisfaction is a key element in the entire strategy.


However, customer satisfaction involves a series of factors. For example:


·        Customer experience

·        Quality of the product or service

·        Service efficiency

·        Emotional connection with the brand


In this publication, we will address the emotional connection with the brand. AfterAfter all, this factor is still little valued by most companies.


A Harvard Business Review survey proves the importance of creating a meaningful relationship with customers. According to the study, emotionally connected consumers are twice as valuable to the company as those who are not satisfied.


Steps to create a connection with your customer


We will show you how to create emotional connections and thus increase customer satisfaction for your clients.


1. Solve their doubts

Every question asked before, during and after making a purchase must be answered in a clear, friendly and professional manner.

2. Proper follow-up

After a transaction, it is important to maintain communication with the client through electronic means, by phone and also on social networks.

3. A treatment worthy of a king

Each buyer must be treated in the best possible way. The goal is for them to feel that they are an important and fundamental part of the company's success, and not just another sales statistic.

4. Warm language in written communication

Greetings with phrases such as "Good morning, hope you are excellent" and affectionate farewells, without falling into exaggeration, are a good way to connect with customers

5. Non-commercial communication

Emails and messages congratulating each customer on her birthday, business anniversary, or other personal occasion are important for bonding. In addition, this shows them that the relationship goes beyond business and will extend through time.

6. Listen to what they have to say

The suggestions that each buyer makes must be taken into account. Although not all of them will be fixed, this feedback can lead to important ideas for future marketing campaigns.

7. Honesty is worth its weight in gold

All operations and dealings in general must be characterized by their integrity. This implies, of course, the total absence of hidden clauses or any other type of deception.


8. Objective information

Although the services or products offered must have the best quality, the limitations of each of them must always be informed in the most realistic way possible.

9. Constantly renew

Periodically, new options should be provided to customers that add quality to their shopping experience. Recent versions of your favorite products are a good example of this.

10. Give something meaningful

An unexpected gift in the next purchase, or for no apparent reason, will always be a good surprise for a customer. It can be a digital or physical product that is of his/her interest.

11. Make them feel that they are the company's priority

Since this is totally true, then it is worth being advertised. The phrase: "for us your well-being comes first" or something similar, must be translated into reality with first-class attention at each stage of the purchase process.

The success of your company is guaranteed if you learn to connect with customers accurately. These good relations not only imply great profits, but also long-term consumer preference.

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